Academic school year begins Monday


The education department has said that more than 18,000 students will be either returning or starting school this month.

All parents are informed that the new academic year for all crèche, primary 2 to primary 6 (P2-P6) students will start on Monday January 23, while primary 1 (P1) students will begin the school year on Tuesday January 24.

As for students who will be going to secondary one (S1), they will start school on Monday January 23.

 This is because the students will need their teachers’ undivided attention to better adapt to the environment of their new schools as they will be moving from primary to secondary level. This means that S2-S5 students will go to school on Tuesday January 24.

As for Glacis primary students, they have been transferred to the Bel Ombre primary school as their old school is being demolished and will be replaced by a new one. All students from Glacis school will thus start school on Tuesday January 24.

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