‘Seychellois athletes overcome challenges for big victory’


Minister Meriton delivering his speechCommunity Development, Youth and Sports Minister Vincent Meriton said this on Friday night at the International Conference Centre during the 28th Sports Awards of the Year crowning ceremony.

“President James Michel had a vision when he chose the theme ‘Victory for Seychelles’ for the year 2011. He knew of the challenges that lay ahead and local athletes made us all proud through their results achieved at the 8th Indian Ocean Island Games, the 10th All-Africa Games and other international competitions.

“These good results leave us with another challenge. How do we maintain and better still how do we improve on these good performances in future competitions?,” said Minister Meriton, who thanked locally based businesses and overseas friends who showed their love for Seychelles and the youths of our country through their sponsorship.

The minister also said the consultation process prior to the final drafting of the four-year sports strategy is over and soon the National Sports Council (NSC) and the sports department will hold talks with its main partners – the Seychelles Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association (Socga) and the education department – to make good use of the available resources so that many more young Seychellois sportsmen and women are able to develop their potential to the fullest.

Mr Meriton also talked about proposed developments on Praslin and at the Roche Caïman sports complex. He said the government will continue to build and maintain sports facilities, while some sports federations and associations, through the financial help of international bodies, have started building new sports facilities.

“Talks are under way with a private company to finance a new sporting facility which is expected to spring up soon on Eve Island, Praslin. We also want to add new facilities to the Roche Caïman sports complex, while the NSC board is working on commercialising the existing facilities to generate more funds,” noted the minister.

Mr Meriton added that Seychelles will join the rest of the world at the XXX Olympic Games in London England, and will compete in seven sports – athletics, boxing, badminton, canoeing, sailing, swimming and weightlifting.

For the younger athletes, they will be taking part in the 8th Jeux de la Commission de la Jeunesse et des Sports de l’Océan Indien in the Comoros and the Jeux de l’Espoir in Mauritius.

The minister also thanked all athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers and sponsors for their time and devotion towards the progress of Seychelles sports.

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