3rd cycle of youth leaders programme launched-More youths aspire to be future leaders


The new group of students in a souvenir photograph with President Michel and other guests at yesterday’s ceremony

The students were welcomed during the launch ceremony for the third cycle of this programme yesterday afternoon at the auditorium of the School of Education, Mont Fleuri.

SYLP founder President James Michel, Vice-President Danny Faure, the minister responsible for education Macsuzy Mondon and special advisor on education to the President Dr John Nolan attended the ceremony.

Also present were president and vice-chancellor of the University of Seychelles (UniSey) Dr Rolph Payet, cabinet ministers, high government officials and other guests including SYLP graduates, members of the second cohort, the new students and their parents.

Dr Payet quoted President Michel who said in his national address speech of 2007 that “there is tremendous potential in our youth which demands to be harnessed for the good of our country. To do so, we must give them the opportunity of a holistic development. We must invest in their education and training and equip them to be future leaders of our country. This is what the concept of the SYLP stems from.”

In January 2008, a first batch of students was enrolled in partnership with the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) in Ireland, Dr Payet said, adding that in 2010, 23 young Seychellois graduated from this programme.

“On May 1, 2010 the SYLP programme was transferred to the UniSey so we can continue to build a knowledge platform for leadership in Seychelles. For the first time the SYLP programme will be carried out jointly with the IPA and the UniSey, meaning we will take a greater role in the SYLP programme,” said Dr Payet.

He also said a new agreement will be signed between the IPA and the UniSey so that “the IPA will contribute to the building of our local capacity in the long-term implementation of the programme”.

Dr Payet said Mr Michel’s vision to develop world class leaders through effective leadership training programmes that empower and equip students to conquer the challenges facing private organisations and the public sector of tomorrow is starting to take shape.

“He (President Michel) recognised that investing in people and in talent is the best hope for a new Seychelles, for a Seychelles that can go beyond its current achievements, a Seychelles that can continue to lead the world in many areas,” continued the vice-chancellor.

He added that in the revised programme they have introduced new modules aimed at improving the students’ day-to-day thinking skills, deepen their understanding of sustainable development and most importantly, how they can be drivers of transformation in our country.

“The most important part of the programme is how the students and graduates of the programme carry out and bring about the positive changes Mr Michel wishes to bring to our nation.

“The SYLP is not just an academic programme, but one which seeks to make you better at what you do, better at serving the people, better at solving difficult challenges and better at making our country the best place to live,” Dr Payet said.

Dr Nolan said he has been engaged with the IPA in preparing for the delivery of the MA degree in leadership and strategy for the third cycle of the SYLP.

He said this MA degree is positioned at Level 9 (the penultimate level before Doctoral level at 10) in the framework of the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland.

He said this challenging and demanding post-graduate two-year course offers six taught modules in year one which include leadership and strategy implementation, organisation and strategy, managing human resources, finance, economics and research methods.

Dr Nolan added that by July of this year the combined first and second cycles of the SYLP will have graduated a total of almost 60 young leaders, well capable of taking on responsible roles in senior management positions.

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