Plumber finds local answer to saving water and money


“There is a logical move towards these establishments being more sustainable, in terms of energy and water consumption,” he remarked.

Mr Nalletamby said that there have been publicised efforts by the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) and a general global census towards energy and water consumers to be far more aware of how they use up these resources.
“After doing some research on the internet I found that there is a local company, IG Seychelles Ltd, who consults and provides sustainable solutions, like heat exchangers, photovoltaic (solar), biomass, desalination and much to my surprise water-saving devices,” he said.

Mr Nalletamby embarked on a journey of discovery, contacting IG Seychelles on its website, which led to several meetings, shifting his perception towards sustainable solutions. 

“The obvious thing to do was to test those water-saving devices to see if they actually work. They did, and so saved water and of course money,” he said jubilantly.

Mr Nalletamby conducted several controlled tests, and came to the conclusion that the water-saving devices as provided by IG Seychelles do actually work.

“These devices work efficiently on just a minimum of 0.5 bar of water pressure,” he said.
“In most of the tests, I was able to see a saving of more than 50% water, so imagine the impact this would have on a national scale, in the clinics, hospital, schools and of course our own houses”.

“As a plumber I endeavour to find the most cost-effective and practical solution for my clients, by installing these water-saving devices I have just tested, and not only would my clients be maintaining the comfort they are accustomed to, they would be saving our volatile water resource in addition to saving money.” 

Mr Nalletamby then proceeded to understand the general consumption and attitudes towards water consumption among Seychelles hotels, resorts and guest houses, with the notion that installing such devices would be a logical business decision in terms of lowering the running costs of such establishments and also a large step closer towards sustainable tourism. 

“After the IG Seychelles research what was done, I decided to visit Seychelles’ hotels, resorts and guest houses promoting these water-saving devices, conducting controlled tests. The establishments I visited instantly saw the benefits in most cases, they could see an immediate saving of 50% in their water consumption, naturally this being reflected in their water bill and energy used to desalinate the water they use,” he said.

A top class hotel here in Seychelles has taken exactly this step. The establishment allowed Mr Nalletamby to carry out his water-saving tests in one of the kitchens and the villas, and the results were conclusive.

On average, the water consumption was running at 18 litres per minute, from showers and taps. After installing the water-saving devices provided by IG Seychelles, the said showers and taps were running at 4 litres per minute, demonstrating conclusively a saving of 14 litres per minute. 

“It is refreshing to know we have a local company like IG Seychelles who is responsible for a number of sustainable solutions and innovative thinking,” Mr Nalletamby said.

Mr Nalletamby can be reached on 2790105 or on the IG Seychelles company on 4433100.


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