Raid on Somali camp disrupts hostage release talks


Home Affairs, Environment, Transport and Energy Minister Joel Morgan, told the press on Wednesday that the negotiators were making good progress last week to free the two Seychellois hostages.

“But unfortunately during the late hours on Tuesday and early morning on Wednesday there was an attack by the US army to rescue their citizens on what we believe is the same camp where our hostages are being kept by the pirates.”
At the time Mr Morgan said they did not have any information on the state of the hostages.

The two Seychellois who were on fishing boat Aride were held hostage almost three months ago by pirates.

According to the BBC News at the time of the US military raid, the two western hostages who have been freed were being kept about 30km east of the town of Adado and 100km south of Galkayo ¬¬– in a semi-autonomous area controlled by a local administration opposed to the Islamist al-Shabab militants but which has no official links to the transitional government in the capital, Mogadishu.

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