Parti Lepep nominates Mr Michel as its president


Mr Michel addressing the congress while supporters display the logos of the many organisations within the party

He also noted that many young people have been nominated as members of its central committee, but noted it needs a mix of both young and experienced members to function well.

The committee members are due to be elected today as the meeting continues.

Mr Michel thanked the party’s members for their support, which led them to giving its elected leaders overwhelming support during elections held last year, adding that Parti Lepep is the only party with the right vision to lead Seychelles.

He also thanked the party’s founder, former President France Albert Rene for all he has done for this country and its people, and commended party veterans who have been there since the formation of the party, as well as its many young supporters.

He paid tribute to those who have passed on.
Mr Michel noted adverse prevailing international economic problems are having an effect on many people in Seychelles – whose difficulties he knows about and emphathises with – but said his government will continue to do all it can to ease their difficulties.

Mr Michel welcomed emergence of new political parties, saying a credible opposition is necessary for democracy.
“Our democracy needs to stay vibrant where differences of opinion are expressed in an objective and constructive manner and I’m prepared to work with those who wish to work for Seychelles and its people,” he said.

Artists performing during the ceremony

But he said we need not worry ourselves with those who just work on imaginary things, simply creating disturbances to get attention even when they have no credibility, having disintegrated.

“Let us just ignore them,” he said.
He told the young people of this country and others who support Parti Lepep to maintain their sense of humility.
“You need to set examples through your comportment and attitude. Work hard for the people without putting personal interests first. Our country comes before all else.”

He urged the party’s leaders to always stay connected with the people, expressing confidence that they are all conscious of their need to do so, their responsibilities, obligations and mission.

During the meeting, supporters displayed the logos of the many organisations within the party.

A video show retraced the developments and evolution of the party, showing the part where Mr Rene said the party needed a name that represents what the party really is, before announcing its current name, which translates as The People’s Party.

Mr Michel interacting with guests at the end of the first day of the congress

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