Independent School records 99.7% pass rate in IGCSE


Of the 49 Independent School students who sat for the examinations at the end of 2011, 43 (or 88%) obtained five or more grades between A* and C (called Credit passes) and 13 (26.5%) of them scored at least 5 ‘A’s. There was some outstanding performance by some students.

Ushna Dhanjee scored 9 A* and 1 A grades, Maria Evenson obtained 7 A*’s and 3 A’s, followed by Asiyath Afif with 4 A*’s and 4 A’s, while Dwayne Didon earned 4 A*’s and 3 A’s and Francesca Pool 3 A*s and 5 A’s. Four other students obtained an aggregate of 8 or more A* and A grades. They are Meenakshi Rajasundaram, Annielle Esparon, Anthony Payet and Kasthuri Vinayagamurthy.
Cambridge IGCSE is taken in more than 2600 schools in 144 countries around the world and is internationally recognised as being a quality benchmark for secondary education.

Forty eight students qualify for International Certificate of Education (ICE), 14 with Distinction and 29 with Merit.  ICE is a group award from Cambridge IGCSE. It recognizes the achievements of students who pass examinations in at least seven subjects, including two languages, and at least one from each of the four other subject groups: Humanities and Social Sciences, the Sciences, Mathematics, and Creative, Technical and Vocational.

The minimum number of subject entries per student was eight, but most students sat for nine or more subjects, including Second Language English.  Business Studies was offered to students for the first time, being taught after the normal school hours and during the holidays. The results are most encouraging. There were altogether 467 subject entries. Of the 467 exam entries, 35.8% were at A* or A grade, and 82% between A* and C grades.

The average percentage of students gaining at least five grade C’s or better over the previous 10 years stands at 90% with a range of 80% to 100% from year to year.  At 88% this year, the S5 students of 2011 have maintained the high standard set by their predecessors.


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