Search and rescue maps to be ready in minutes


Stakeholders following the course on how to use the new software

The charts will come from computers fed with the same information normally used to draw such maps manually, even though the non-computer generated ones will continue to be drawn as backups.

This follows installation of software worth US $50,000 in computers based at the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority offices at the airport where the SCAA will use it together with the Seychelles Coast Guard.

The software has been given by the World Bank through the Department of Risk and Disaster Management, SCAA search and rescue officer Dominic Savy told Nation as his colleagues and coastguards followed a course on how to use the software.

Their weeklong training was run by Danis Unverdi of Canada’s EMS Global Tracking company.
The new software is Sarmaster and is designed to give more accurate aeronautical and maritime locations of search areas.

Once details like the speed of search and rescue boats and planes is inserted in the system, it will also estimate the time teams will take to reach targets.

“This is indeed a successful leap forward for the SCAA and the country in general as this will allow us to enhance our search and rescue services and capabilities to aeronautical and maritime operators,” said Mr Savy.

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