SIF shares research on heritage sites


Mrs Fleischer-Dogley addressing the audience at the symposium

The foundation presented these works during a symposium held recently at the School of Education, Mont Fleuri, in the presence of its chief executive Frauke Fleischer-Dogley and board members.

Among the audience were students and members of several environmental organisations.
Researchers gave presentations on a study they have conducted on the coco de mer which includes its population, genetic diversity, conservation recommendations and sustainable harvesting.

The foundation’s Black Parrot programme was also presented as well as the ecology of a type of frog – Sooglossus frogs – on Praslin.

The Aldabra projects concentrated mainly on the results of satellite tracking of turtles there and a renewable energy system for the atoll.

There was also talk on the invasive species threats to these heritage sites such as the ring-necked parakeet and feral goats.

Mrs Fleischer-Dogley said they wanted to share these information to the public to let them know what the SIF is doing.

She said the most important aspect of these studies are the recommendations which have been put forward by the researchers on conservation of these species.

“It is vital for us to share the studies with other organisations that are also involved in environmental work.”

The symposium was conducted in partnership with the University of Seychelles and coincided with the foundation’s annual general meeting which took place on Praslin.

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