Botanical Gardens to host flower show


African violets will be on show at the Botanical Gardens on Valentine’s Day

The National Botanical Gardens Foundation sales and marketing manager Sharon Ernesta said the African violet or Saintpaulia is a common household indoor plant which is native to Tanzania and Kenya as well as other parts of the African continent.

She said a group who loves and grows this flower has decided to organise the show in partnership with the Foundation.
“Such an activity will encourage Seychellois to come and visit the gardens,” Mrs Ernesta said.

From 9am to 4.30pm the flowers will be available for viewing and later they will be on sale.

There will also be an entrance fee of R25 per person.

She added that other local products and refreshment as well as snacks will be on sale at the venue.

Mrs Ernesta said this activity is part of the Foundation’s plan to work closer with the communities including schools and businesses.

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