Tennis-Players urged to register early for forthcoming tournaments


Of the five open tournaments, there will be three singles and two doubles played on a championship format where players will be able to score points according to their final results.

Players who wish to take part in the tournaments must register early and registration fees are R50 for junior and senior players registered with the STA and R150 for non-members.

All matches will be played on a best-of-three format. In the event of a decisive third set to decide the winner, it will be played on a super tie-break (10 points).

Matches will be played at 4.30pm on weekdays and at 3.30pm during weekends. Referees will only be provided for semifinals and finals. They will be paid R50 for semifinals and R100 for finals. All those who would like to officiate are asked to contact the STA.

The prize-money on offer is R1,000 for the winners and R500 for the runners-up (men) and R650 for winners and R350 for runners-up (women).

All players will garner points each time they take part in a tournament. Each tournament winner will get 500 points, runner-up 250, semifinalist 200, quarterfinalist 100 and loser before the quarterfinal stage will receive 10. These points will help to rank players after each tournament played.

The same scoring system will apply for the doubles tournament, whereby each player will get the same number of points. For example, each member of a winning doubles team will get 500 points for their effort.

The top four players in the ranking will qualify for the Masters with the number one-ranked player playing the third-ranked, and the second-ranked player playing the fourth-ranked in the two semifinals. The winners will meet in the final. The best Seychellois players will be designated as best female and male players of the year.

The first of the tournaments is slated to start on Wednesday February 8 with the finals to be played on February 19.
The other four tournaments will run from March 28-April 8, May 23-June 3, August 17-26, and September 19-30. The Masters final sponsored by Camra Côte d’Azur is to be played on October 19-20.

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