The joy ‘Willy’ brought into our lives


About two weeks after our arrival we were asked if we wanted a kitten which was going to be put down if a home could not be found for it.

The little black and white five-week old kitten moved into our home next to the Northolme Hotel.  We named him Willy. Willy quickly became part of the family.  At the end of my husband's employment contract we decided to move on obviously taking Willy with us.
For the next 17 years Willy had been with us travelling first to Moscow Russia, then to Germany, returning once again to Russia this time to St. Petersburg and five years ago we were posted to Warsaw Poland, where we are at present.
Throughout our life Willy has been our constant.  Whenever we had to set up a new home Willy always made it feel like "home".

For the past three years Willy has been suffering from a renal disease that we have been managing very well.  However he took a turn for the worst 10 days ago and very very sadly we had to put Willy to sleep on Thursday January 19. Both my husband and I are heart broken, and feel like a ship without a rudder.

I wanted the people of the Seychelles to know how much joy and happiness Willy brought into our lives.

Jane and Albert Helms

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