Eco-friendly run-Moustache maintains win rhythm


KEDDY MOUSTACHE …on a winning rollHeld at Beau Vallon, Saturday’s run was organised by Eco-healing committee and was divided into 12 categories – female under-14 5.5km, male under-14 5.5km, female under-18 5.5km, male under-18 5.5km, female senior 5.5km, male senior 5.5km, female master 5.5km, male master 5.5km, female senior 10km, male senior 10km, female master 10km and male master 10km.
Moustache clocked 38 minutes 08 seconds (38:08) to finish the 10km race ahead of James Barra who was second overall in 38:22. Sylvain Designe was third in 39:49.

In the 10km senior women’s category, Zsaklin Miklos took 59:08 to finish first ahead of runner-up Pene Vogt who clocked  1 hour 01 minute 16 seconds (1h01:16) and third place finisher Leigh Storey who took 1h05:08.

Absent for the cross-country, Simon Labiche lined up for the master 10km race and won in 38:19, ahead of Joseph Morel who finished second in 41:52. Jose Victor took 42:43 to finish third.

Vivienne Vadivello was the winner of the women’s master 10km race, reaching the finish line in 53:14, while second place finisher Florise Ernesta completed the race in 1h03:12. Maggy Harray was third in 1h10:42.

In the men’s master 5.5km race, Martin Varley took 38:58 to finish first ahead of Massimiliano Zacari who was second in 39:36 and Anuj Sharma finished third in 47:29.

Marie-Cecile Benstrong hit the tape in 44:39 to win the women’s master 5.5km race ahead of Usha Rani (48:16) and Savita Shahedo (58:11).

In the senior male 5.5km category, Cotena Nunzio finished first in 30:12, relegating Franc Du Pont (37:24) and Ravindra Singh (37:33) into second and third places.

Veronique Du Pont took 34:02 to complete the senior female 5.5km race. She finished first ahead of Angelique Payet who was second in 51:56, while Annalisa Di Bella was third in 52:58

 Steward Louise from Plaisance secondary school was the winner in the boys’ under-18 category. He completed the 5.5km race in 21:31 ahead of runner-up Samuel Moustache who clocked the same time of 21:31. Darrel Bristol of Plaisance secondary school finished third 23:42.

In the girls’ group, Vanessa Cherry from Plaisance secondary school took 26:35 to finish ahead of her only opponent Stephanie Underwood of the East Coast Athletics club who was ranked second in 28:24.

Keneth Mussard from Plaisance secondary school was the winner in the boys’ under-14 category. He completed the 5.5km race in 23:55 ahead of Jean-Yves Sanguignon of Anse Aux Pins primary school  who was second in 26:24. Marius Suzette of Plaisance secondary school finished third in 26:49.

In the girls’ under-14 5.5km race, Chanty Jeannevol of Plaisance secondary school finished first in 31:49, finishing ahead of Taherry Antoine of  Anse Aux Pins primary school (36:08) and Shakira Sinon also of Anse Aux Pins primary school (37:55).

Top-five results of Saturday’s Eco-friendly run:
5.5km girls U14

 1. Chanty Jeannevol    Plaisance secondary school  31:49
2. Taherry Antoine   Anse Aux Pins primary school    36:08
3. Shakira Sinon   Anse Aux Pins primary school    37:55
4. Stephanie Felix Anse Aux Pins primary school    37:59
5. Jolene Mondon Le Rocher        39:35
5.5km boys U14
1. Keneth Mussard  Plaisance secondary school    23:55
2. Jean-Yves Sanguignon Anse Aux Pins primary school    26:24
3. Marius Suzette Plaisance secondary school   26:49
4. Julio Suzette Anse Aux Pins primary school   27:15
5. Calub Vadivello La Retraite     27:46
5.5km girls U18
1. Vanessa Cherry Plaisance secondary school   26:35
2. Stephanie Underwood East Coast Athletics club  28:24
5.5km boys U18
1. Steward Louise Plaisance secondary school   21:31
2. Samuel Moustache       21:31
3. Darrel Bristol Plaisance secondary school   23:42
4. Gerard Tirant Pointe Larue secondary school    26:22
5.  Ryan Labrosse Pointe Larue secondary school  27:59
5.5km senior women
1. Veronique Du Pont         34:02
2.  Angelique Payet       51:56
3. Annalisa Di Bella      52:58
4. Malika Jivan       52:59
5. Lavanya Chakreapan      54:01
5.5km senior men
1. Cotena Nunzio      30:12
2. Franc Du Pont       37:24
3. Ravindra Singh      37:33
4. Mandeep Chaudhary     54:20
5.5km master women
1. Marie-Cecile Benstrong     44:39
2. Usha Rani       48:16
3. Savita Shahedo      58:11
5.5km master men
1. Martin Varley        38:58
2. Massimiliano Zacari      39:36
3. Anuj Sharma       47:29
4. Nishesh Parikh      49:39
5. Paul Mondon      49:47
10km senior women
1. Zsaklin Miklos      59:08
2. Pene Vogt         1h01:16
3. Leigh Storey       1h05:08
4. Mandy Heeger      1h10:43
5. Laura Lotter       1h14:09
10km senior men
1. Keddy Moustache      38:08
2. James Barra       38:22
3. Sylvain Designe      39:49
4. Benjamin Kilindo      41:02
5. Josha Gabriel      44:35
10km master women
1. Vivienne Vadivello      53:14
2. Florise Ernesta      1h03:12
3. Maggy Harray      1h10:42
4. Debra Mellon      1h21:00
5. Delia Mondon      1h21:01
10km master men
1. Simon Labiche      38:19
2. Joseph Morel        41:52
3. Jose Victor       42:43
4. Michel Dixie       43:40
5. Christophe Gremillet      47:53

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