Au Cap primary school gets new equipment


Mr Ramani hands over the computer set to Ms Agathine

The handover ceremony took place recently at the school and was attended by members of the club including cabinet member N. Ramani, acting president of the club Dr Murugaian, and millennium tree programme coordinator G. Siva Pillay.

Also present were the head teacher of Au Cap primary Fatima Agathine, students and members of staff.

Mr Ramani said the idea to give the school a new computer came about during a project in which the Lions Club planted around 50 trees at Au Cap.

He explained that the children of Au Cap school were urged to take good care of the plants and in return they would receive a new computer from the Lions Club and sponsored by the Ramani group.

“We are satisfied with the outcome so we have decided to stick to our promise,” he said.

Mr Ramani added that plans are in the making to do similar work – under the millennium tree project – on Praslin and La Digue in the near future.

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