Praslin gets second dialysis machine


Engineers from B-Braun, Germany, and the Ministry of Health installed the new machine – worth more than 16,000 euros – at the Praslin Hospital this week as part of a contract signed last year between the company and the local health authority.

“Both Praslin patients and tourists who need dialysis will benefit from this new facility,” said health principal secretary, Dr Bernard Valentin.

“The Ministry of Health is bringing new technology and advanced health services closer to the people. We are fulfilling a promise made by the Seychelles government,” he said.
“There was a great need to have a second machine on Praslin as the number of patients needing dialysis is gradually increasing,” said Elsia Sinon, nurse manager at the Haemodialysis Unit.

Miss Sinon added that “as of now, we will only offer morning treatment sessions”.

“Other important work such as care and maintenance of the machines and administrative procedures at the Praslin dialysis centre will be done in the afternoon.

The newly acquired machine is more sophisticated than the first, according to Miss Sinon, and is more user-friendly. 

The first kidney dialysis machine on Praslin was donated a year ago by the Ally sisters who have all had distinguished careers in healthcare with the Ministry of Health.

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