Queen commemorates 60-year reign-Seychelles sends wishes of prosperity and good health



President Michel has sent wishes of prosperity and good health to the Queen as she marks her 60-year reign

“As we celebrate your diamond jubilee over the course of this year, we pay tribute to the unremitting dedication that you have shown at the service of your people for 60 years and reflect on the close friendship Seychelles enjoys with the United Kingdom,” the President said in the message.

“Throughout the years on the throne you have also displayed a constant interest in and concern for the Seychellois people, not the least the importance of the natural environment for sustainable development,” President Michel’s message added.

In addition to wishing the Royal Family continued good health and prosperity, President Michel paid tribute to the special relationship the Royal family has had with Seychelles, as also demonstrated by the numerous Royal visits over the years, including Her Majesty herself.

President Michel said he hoped that Seychelles and the United Kingdom continue to develop their close cooperation, particularly in the fields of education, culture, environment, and defence.

“I strongly believe that Your Majesty's Kingdom will continue to be a close friend and ally of Seychelles and an admirable architect of a united Commonwealth family built on common values of peace, democracy and prosperity as we also strive to find solutions to global challenges. Last year’s Commonwealth theme of ‘Women as agents of change’ is a testament to the significant contribution you have made at the Head of the Commonwealth and a recognition of the difference that women make in our society,” said the President.

While February 6 is the date Her Majesty first acceded to the throne, the Diamond Jubilee is being celebrated all year long, with special events planned for the Queen’s birthday when celebrated in June.

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