Athletics: cross-country series-Moustache lowers 8km record


LEADING THE PACK … Moustache lowered his own 8km junior record to 28:48.1On a hot Saturday afternoon, the 18-year-old ran the 8km (four-lap) race for junior male in a time of 28 minutes 48.1 seconds (28:48.1) to erase his previous course record of 29:27.4 set on January 21, 2011 from the record books.

Tipped as the natural replacement for veteran runner Simon Labiche, Moustache immediately asked for his time after crossing the finish line and was overjoyed when he learned he had beaten his old time.

“I expected the record although I only train distance running once a week as I have to train football with the St Michel team the rest of the week,” an elated Moustache told Sports Nation after his exploit.

Moustache has promised to take the start of the longer 12km (six-lap) race in the final round of the series on Saturday February 18.

“I want to give it a try. It’s going to be tough but I’m determined to test my endurance level in the longer race,” added Moustache who also holds the 4km (two-lap) best time of 13:49.0 set on January 31, 2009.

Saturday’s second round of the cross-country series saw a record number of 152 runners compete in the 10 age and sex categories –boy (2km or 1 lap), girl (2km or 1 lap), male and female youth (4km or 2 laps), male junior (8km or 4 laps), female junior (6km or 4 laps), male senior (12km or 6 laps), female senior (8km or 4 laps), male veteran (8km or 4 laps) and female veteran (6km or 3 laps).

Judging from the good turnout, especially among the very young, the organisers have said they will include two new categories – female and male colt (under-14) – in the third and final round of the series on Saturday February 18. This will encourage runners as young as 12 years old to compete regularly.

“It’s very unlikely a 12-year-old could challenge a stronger 15-year-old in the boy or girl categories. With more young runners coming forward, we have decided to add the colt category so they could compete in the under-14 division, giving them a better chance of fighting for a good position in their right age category, re-elected Seychelles Athletics Federation (SAF) chairman Selby Dora told Sports Nation.

Competitors in the colt category will receive special prizes, while the others will have their points earned in the three races added up before being rewarded. All race winners get four points, runners-up two and third place finishers one.

Ned Azemia took a second win in the male under-16 2km (one lap) race in a time of 6:43.0, while Shamera Esparon, who missed the first race, reached the finish line first in the female under-16 2km race in 8:03.9.

Absent for the first race, Vanessa Cherry won the female 4km (two-lap) race in 17:17.6 and in the race for male runners over the same distance, Roch Bamboche surprised round one winner Samuel Moustache, but their times were not recorded due to a technical problem.

Running unchallenged in the female junior (under-20) 6km (three-lap) race, Dyniz Bristol clocked 44:05.9.

Like Azemia, Simone Zapha, James Barra and Florise Ernesta made it two wins apiece in their respective distances.

Zapha clocked 35:20.7 in the women’s senior (over-20) 8km (four-lap) race, Barra was first in front of five opponents in the male senior 12km (six-lap) race and Ernesta reached the finish line of the female veteran (over-40) 6km (three-lap) race in 33:22.2.

In the absence of round one winner Herbert Adrienne, Joseph Morel won the male veteran 8km (four-lap) race in 32:48.4.



Results of top-three finishers in each category:

Boys under-16 – 2km (1 lap) (record 6:25.4)
1. Ned Azemia       6:43.0 
2. Jiovanni Bouzin       6:51.0 
3. Neil Confiance 7:33.0 
Girls under-16 – 2km (1 lap) (record 7:26.4)
1. Shamera Esparon   8:03.9
2. Marie-Noella Larue  8:29.1
3. Naomie Barra 8:39.9
Youth girls under 18 – 4km (2 laps) (record 15:35.2)

1. Vanessa Cherry  17:17.6
2. Ezra Almaze          17:55.6
3. Estelle Lepathy 18:26.5 

Youth boys under 18 – 4 km (2 laps) (record 13:49.0)
1. Roch Bamboche  (no time)
2. Samuel Moustache     (no time)     
3. Steward Louise (no time)
Junior men under 20 – 8km – (4 laps)
1. Keddy Moustache  28:48.1 (NEW RECORD)
2. Ryan Labrosse 38:51.1

Junior women under 20 – 6km – (3 laps) (record 24:48.5)
1. Dyniz Bristol   44:05.9 

Senior women – over 20 – 8km (4 laps) (record 32:53.8)
1. Simone Zapha 35:20.7 
2. Anna Barra  36:29.9

Senior men – over 20 – 12km (6 laps) (record 38:57.5)
1. James Barra  46:02.3
2. Kitson Julie  50:05.4
3. Franky Baccus 50:34.0 

Masters women over 40 – 6km (3 laps) (record 30:02.5)
1. Florise Ernesta  33:02.2
2. Williana Dubois 39:07.5
3. Maggy Harray 39:08.6
Masters men over 40 – 8km (4 laps) (record 26:28.5)
1. Joseph Morel  32:48.4
2. Jose Victor  32:50.0
3. Michel Dixie  32:59.4


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