Rehab centre trainees get customer service skills


The opening session of the training on Monday

Ten trainees accompanied by four instructors are learning how to interact with customers and how to better handle their concerns.

The training – led in partnership with the Seychelles Institute of Management (SIM) – has representatives of the institute leading the sessions.

Class started on Monday morning, with each trainee introducing him or herself and then getting straight to business learning more about customer care.

There was some timidity at first, but gradually the trainees became more outspoken, sharing opinions and ideas.
The rehab centre’s programme manager, Maurice Denys, said the training has been tailored according to the kind of jobs they will be able to perform.

“We have some trainees who are not that physically mobile, so we have tried to slot training for jobs such as telephone operators,” he said.

“We are having many requests from workplaces for our trainees to join them, but we see the importance of giving them training first and thus the partnership with the SIM.”

Some of the trainees are already on attachments at government and private institutions, training for various jobs.
Trainee Michelle Bonne said she is on attachment at the Seychelles Bureau of Standards and deals with clients on a daily basis.

“This course will help me boost my confidence and develop what I already know,” she said.
There will be a practical part of the training, where the trainees will be required to show their skills and also get mock situations of possible encounters with clients.

At the end of the five-day training, each trainee will get a certificate.

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