Honouring the retired teachers-Marie-Ange Hoareau leaves the profession after 44 years of loyal service


Miss Marie-Ange Hoareau

After graduating, she started teaching at the Grand Anse Praslin secondary school for four years before moving to the Baie Ste Anne primary school.

Miss Marie-Ange has also occupied the post of studies coordinator and for the last 14 years she had been the head teacher of the Baie Ste Anne primary school.

Throughout her years of service, the soft-spoken Miss Marie-Ange has helped model good ways of upbringing to the Praslin community which has earned her the respect of both staff and pupils.

She retired in December 2011 after serving the department of education for 44 years.

The Ministry of Education, Employment and Human Resources thanks Miss Marie-Ange for her hard work and devotion throughout the years and wishes her a happy retirement.

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