2011 A’ level results-Six students score straight ‘A’s


Altogether 141 students sat for the Cambridge examinations last year and 135 have been successful, while six have failed.

Nusrath Salma Farook scored four A* grades in all the four subjects he took – biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

Ron Albert Roucou scored three A* and an A, Anisa Flavia Chang-Seng two A* and two A, Lana Audrey Woodcock two A*and an A, Gulmette Hillary Bootna three A, and Larry Trevor Leste three A.

The School of Advanced Level Studies (Sals) principal Dr Chirasree Sen Varma said the results are similar to those of the past two years.

This year there are six straight ‘A’s compared to five for the past two years, she said.
She said she is very happy that a student has scored four A*, a first since Cambridge started the A* grading system.

“The results are mixed but it is mostly students taking science subjects who scored straight ‘A’s,” she said.

Sals recorded 100% pass rate in physics, sociology and French while history and English literature recorded 95% pass rate , economics 93%, mathematics and geography 91%, computing 74%, chemistry 72% , accounting 71% and biology 62%.

Dr Sen Verma noted that in general the pass rates for English and French are good but she expressed concern over the fact that the high grades are fewer.

She noted that the school last year gave upgrading lessons in English and this year it will do so for French as well. These include essay writing skills and answering techniques.

She thanked all her lecturers for their devotion and for giving extra lessons during the holidays to ensure students are very well prepared and syllabuses completed before taking their exams.

She noted that the aim of the school remains to continue improving the level of its performance and the students’ grades.

A new subject – travel and tourism – is being introduced this year, she noted.
“A large number of students are joining the Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA) so even though the subject is not a conventional one, it is at advanced level and it will help students to have a background in travel and tourism which would help them pursue a career or degree in the tourism sector,” Dr Sen Verma said.

Again she congratulated the lecturers who will be teaching the subject for their enthusiasm and devotion.

She called on all second year students to step up their studies if they want good grades as the time for them to register exams quickly approaches.

As for the new students, she called on them to choose their subjects carefully in order to fill the gap between the IGCSE exams they sat last year and the A’ levels they are going to study.

“They should be very sure about what they want to do and choose their subjects carefully and be prepared to put a lot of effort in their studies,” she added.

She also called on parents to ensure their children are doing their work and to follow them closely. 

Since 2010 Sals has been increasing its intake of students. From 142 then, the number rose to 155 in 2011 and this year it has an intake of 172 with a few more expected to come in after the appeal cases are over.

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