The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day


Chocolate might harm our health, the petal of the roses will fall off after some days and a perfume will come to its end eventually; therefore why not invest into a gift that will keep the good communication flow between you and the one you love and care for.

Over the last couple of weeks this paper has published articles about the various services provided by Kokonet. They include its fixed wireless broadband service and also its wireless hotspot branded Kokozone.  The articles showed how today’s modern technology can easily reach your door steps at the speed of light.

An unlimited, unmetered Internet connection is probably the perfect gift in today’s technology-aware society. Kokonet can even arrange to have the account activated on February 14!  You can spend as much time as possible on the net with the one you love either through your favourite application like Skype, MSN or Facebook with no risk of a bill shock at the end of the month.

If you prefer to say sweet nothings to your loved one, and you cannot do that face to face because you are separated by great distances, a Kokotalk card must be the perfect gift you can give to yourself.  It is the most affordable, crystal clear way to make international call today.  The Kokotalk card can be purchased at the Kokonet sales offices as well as in most shops around the country. 

Should you need any additional information on the services offered by Kokonet, you are always welcome to visit its sales offices at Huteau Lane.  You can also contact its staff on telephone numbers: 4610500/4322000. They will be very grateful and willing to help you.

Sponsored by Kokonet

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