Emirates’ special offers to promote carnival


A communiqué from Emirates Airline reads: “In line with our continuous effort to promote Seychelles, special packages have been launched for the upcoming carnival event in Seychelles called Carnaval International de Victoria from March 2-4, 2012. The event will showcase a parade of colourful floats representing the various participants’ national carnivals and will also include other exciting activities all of which fall under the carnival’s theme. We have selected five-star properties with attractive bonus offers for our clients, valid from now until March 2012.”

The Seychelles Tourism Board has confirmed that 26 international delegations will be descending on Seychelles for the carnival now known as the carnival of carnivals. This carnival is and remains unique because it is the only such event that has the best and the better known carnivals parade side by side and with cultural groups from the community of nations.

This year’s special and colourful carnival will have the Notting Hill carnival from the UK, the Dusseldorf carnival from Germany, the Carnival Samba Group from Rio in Brazil, the Trinidad & Tobago carnival, and cultural groups from Zimbabwe, South Africa and Ghana in Africa, Asian and European countries, and from Reunion itself.

“It will live up to its name – the melting pot of cultures,” said STB chief executive Alain St Ange.

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