Alain St Ange updates Reunion media on Carnaval International de Victoria


Pierre Gault of French TV RFO interviewing Alain St Ange in Reunion

Mr St Ange and his Reunion counterpart Pascal Viroleau held joint meetings with the island's regional government on Reunion's involvement as a co-organiser of the Carnaval International de Victoria.

Reunion Island is using the carnival to increase its own visibility as a tourist destination and is working hand in hand with Seychelles to be featured well in all publications being prepared for the 56 plus international press contingents who will be coming to Seychelles for the carnival of carnivals.

Journalist Pierre Gault of French television network RFO interviewed Messrs St Ange and Viroleau who gave details of the unique carnival to be staged in Seychelles. Radio station Zinfos 974 and Le Quotidien newspaper all received briefings on the 2012 carnival.

Reunion and Seychelles form part of the vanilla islands group alongside Mauritius, Madagascar, the Comoros and Mayotte.
The two islands solidified their partnership when they agreed to become co-owners of the region’s carnival. Madagascar will be sending a delegation for the carnival procession and Mr St Ange confirmed that Mauritius has been invited to join the carnival to raise the profile of the region which remains dependent on tourism.

Didier Robert, the president of Région Réunion, will lead a 100-member delegation who will showcase the diversity of Reunion’s culture and people.

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