NDEA operations uncover cash and drugs


The NDEA said it has referred the discovery of a large amount of cash to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). The cash was found at the home of a businessman during the course of an operation into the assets of certain individuals that the NDEA suspects have been derived from the proceeds of drug dealing.

The seizure amounting to more than R600,000 in several denominations including US dollars, was discovered in a private house on Mahe during the early hours of Wednesday February 8. No drugs were found during the course of the search and one person, who was arrested, has been released. Investigation is ongoing.

On Thursday February 9, the NDEA said it carried out an early morning operation at the home of a businessman. A couple in their thirties were arrested after drugs believed to be heroin was found in their house. This operation is part of a strategy targeting the source of supply of drugs to several areas on Mahe and also on Praslin.

This operation has been necessitated after the NDEA noted increased levels of drug related activities in several key areas over the past number of weeks. Several areas have been targeted by the dealers, resulting in a large number of persons gathering in residential areas in search of drugs.

The drugs, with a street value of R25,000, have been sent to the state laboratory for analysis after which time the matter will be referred to the law officers to determine the charges to be brought against the persons arrested. Meanwhile, the couple have been remanded in custody and await the court process.

A separate operation carried out by the NDEA in the Ma Joie area on Thursday morning, resulted in the arrest of three persons after the seizure of a cannabis plantation with an approximate street value of R20,000. The plants were uprooted and seized for analysis.

The NDEA explained that the practice of cannabis cultivation is often regarded by a small number of people as being acceptable. It is important to be aware that this practice carries a minimum penalty of 10 years imprisonment regardless of whether the plant is for personal use or being grown for sale.

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