Expectant mothers address pregnancy-related issues


Health principal secretary Bernard Valentin addressing the guests and expectant mothers

The first of its kind to be organised, the session was launched by the principal secretary for health, Dr Bernard Valentin, at the ministry’s headquarters.

Attending the forum were the director general for public health Dr Shobha Harjanis, director of nursing Marie-Antoinette Hoareau, chief nursing officer Bella Henderson and nurse manager of the maternity unit Gylian Mein.

Also present were World Health Organisation liaison officer, Dr Cornelia Atsyor, doctors, Stephanie Adrienne of the nutrition unit, expectant mothers and their partners.

In his speech, Dr Valentin said pregnancy is not an illness but a normal stage in a woman’s life.

He said expectant mothers should have the necessary information to ensure a healthy pregnancy and such sessions present a chance for them to clarify any doubts about their nine-month journey.

Mrs Mein said one of the aims of the forum is to be closer to the community and to alleviate fears that mothers may have during pregnancy.

She said the session will be ongoing and will be held in districts including Praslin and La Digue.
Mrs Mein added that through the forum mothers can also give suggestions that can help to improve health care services at the maternity unit.

Those who took part in the first session raised concerns about issues related mainly to nutrition, ways of delivering, services and facilities offered by the maternity unit among others.

Transportation for expectant mothers on Praslin who need health care on Mahe and common conditions in newborns were also discussed.

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