Counselling for married couples under way


But they can learn more during marriage counselling sessions which started last weekend and continues tomorrow at Anse Royale.

Fist started here in 2010 under the theme ‘21st Century Your Marriage Needs You’, the eight-session counselling programme is designed by Rob Parson from Care for the Family which is a national charity based in England and aims at promoting strong family life and helping those facing family difficulties.  The sessions are being offered by the Association for the Promotion of Solid Humane Families (APSHF) and run from 8.30am to 4pm.

The president of the association, Edwina Adrienne, and one of its leading members Rosie Denis lead the sessions.

Mrs Denis said to start with the two-day sessions is being held for couples from the south of Mahe and later on invitations will be sent out for couples in other parts of the country.

Mrs Denis noted that very often couples in long married relationships tend to take their partners for granted and also tend not to care about the little things that matter to them.

She said the sessions are aimed at helping couples build a lasting relationship but with new tips and skills on how to improve on their way of life, and how to lift the lid on what can make or break their relationship. 

Mrs Denis explained that with the help of a DVD and work book the couples are taken on a journey through their married life.

Several issues which affect married life are discussed and analysed and these include: knowing each other matter, when it seems everything is over, love in the real world and when sparks fly.

Mrs Denis noted that while every couple who marries hopes for a love that will last, the realities of today do not always allow that to happen and therefore it is always good to have some help to prevent this from happening.

She said the sessions comprise of some very useful tips and advice to help strengthen married relationships.

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