Leading UK newspaper runs special feature on Seychelles


Jose Powell from the Report Company has confirmed that the Guardian newspaper has also launched its on-line platform with the guardian.co.uk and this feature on the Seychelles benefits from a new exclusive digital exposure through www.guardian.co.uk/the-report/seychelles.

This 24-page report manages to depict the picture perfect holiday destination as seen from the eyes of an experienced journalist. “A small nation stands tall” is the title chosen by Jose Powell for this review. He also credits the island for having been the hosts for the honeymoon for the young Royals saying that the islands benefit today of a ‘Royal Endorsement’, saying that choosing which of the Seychelles’ 115 islands to visit can be hard, but not for the returning royals spelling out to the world that the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge has already holidayed in Seychelles and knew the islands well.

There are few endorsements better than being chosen by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as a honeymoon destination and with the Clarence House Spokesperson saying after their return home “The couple thoroughly enjoyed their time together. They thanked the Seychelles Government for a honeymoon that was such a memorable and special 10 days”.

Jose Powell writes: “Seychelles is today held up as an example of how to do things right. Boasting one of the fastest growing economies in Africa and a world-class environmental record, it’s hard to believe that just five years ago the country was on its knees, unable to repay debts and spending money it did not have”.

The beautiful colour pictures of the paradise tourist islands of the Seychelles make readers from the UK and Europe want to book an immediate holiday in the islands with a year round summer climate especially as the ‘Big Freeze’ continues to spread havoc in Europe and the UK.

The Seychelles Report in the Guardian newspaper covers interviews with the islands’ President, James Michel and with ministers Jean-Paul Adam (Foreign Affairs), Peter Sinon (Investment, Natural Resources and Industry), Joel Morgan (Home Affairs, Environment, Transport and Energy), Pierre Laporte, Governor of the Central Bank, Finley Racombo, chief executive of the Seychelles Fishing Authority, Alain St Ange, chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board, among others.

Seychelles, the Guardian newspaper report says, is pioneering sustainable tourism. “While other countries compete for tourism numbers, Seychelles stands out in protecting its pristine natural environment.”

Mr St Ange has said he was delighted to read a report of Seychelles that sells the islands.
“As Europe freezes under this cold spell aptly called the Big Freeze, the spectacular and breathtaking pictures published in the Guardian newspaper will get everyone to look at Seychelles for a tropical holiday,” he said.

“We remain the destination promoting personalised tourism, we remain a very safe destination and we can assure potential holiday makers that what we have as natural and unique assets we are protecting them under our mission of developing a serious and sustainable tourism industry. Seychelles is clean and year round it has a warm clear and clean turquoise blue sea that laps its white and clean white sandy beaches. We are tropical and we are the dream destination for 2012 that lies but one stop from anywhere in the world,” he added.

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