Entertainment groups from UK heading to Seychelles to relish carnival



The latest news is that two entertainment groups from the United Kingdom, owned and managed by Seychellois, are travelling to Seychelles to be part of this big manifestation which will take place in the heart of Victoria.

Representatives of both groups will be accompanied by one of the founders and promoters of the Seychelles Night Out group – one of the most popular groups on Facebook promoting events in Seychelles. It will launch its website next week to be able to promote entertainment opportunities outside of Facebook on a global basis.

People consult Seychelles Night Out to know what’s happening and the best places to hang out for lunch, dinner, meetings or for the best night life. The group has been actively promoting the carnival, among other events organised by the Seychelles Tourism Board.

“The carnival is one major international event in Seychelles and after promoting it for months, I’m happy to be going back home to experience it for myself. I think it is a brilliant initiative which should be supported and encouraged,” said Samantha Ally, one of the founders of Seychelles Night Out.

Attending the carnival will also be representatives of Kreol FM – a 100% Creole internet radio station streamed from London. Kreol FM will be picking up all the joyful sounds from the three-day event to share with its over 10,000 listeners, which are dominated by Seychellois from all over the world.

This will bring a sense of nostalgia to the many Seychellois who cannot be here but would be able to relive the experience through an explosion of sounds on the airwaves.

One of the group members of the internet radio station who is heading to Seychelles for the carnival said the event has become so popular that one can either be there to experience it first hand or simply enjoy it through another medium.

“The carnival has become an international event and it is one event which has really attracted a lot of people to our capital. Our aim is to bring and spread the vibes from this magnificent event to our listeners,” he said.

The representative said that before this service, Seychellois living overseas didn’t have access to Seychelles music online apart from Paradise FM feeds which is sometimes not easily accessible outside Seychelles. But then again, that too did not offer purely Seychelles music.

With the exciting carnival now on the programme, the listeners have a real treat coming their way, added the representative.
The other group is the CoolKat Entertainment – a team of young Seychellois specialising in organising nights and events in London.

The aim of the group, explained one member, is to close the gap between the Seychellois Creole culture and that of the outside world, and the ultimate achievement is to keep the Seychellois community in the UK together.

The member said that they usually organise events to coincide with main events back in Seychelles and they had one recently to coincide with the carnival which is now less than two weeks away.

Members of the group will be in Seychelles to see and feel the carnival for themselves after hearing so much about last year’s. It is a way, the representative said, to stay connected with their people and motherland.
“We want to get involved and be part of the celebrations and show our support,” he said.

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