Football: Roch Henriette to run for SFF hot seat-‘Continuity to ensure development’


Mr HenrietteHe will be running against Joel de Commarmond after a third candidate – Dereck Barbé – pulled himself out of the race.

The local football body will need a new chairman to replace Suketu Patel who resigned in December last year.

Mr Henriette, who is serving his second four-year mandate as vice-chairman, has been an SFF executive committee member since the early 1980s. He was elected as vice-chairman after Hughes Adam stepped down in 2008.

His serious football involvement started when he headed inner islands football from 1980 to 1989.

In 1990 he took up the post of chairman for the referees’ technical committee within the SFF.

He also managed several teams playing in the national leagues, including Mont Fleuri and Anse Aux Pins-based Easterners.

Regarding the chairmanship of the SFF, Mr Henriette, who sits on the employment tribunal, said he was approached by Mr Patel and several other people involved in football to take up the challenge and to continue the work started by the former Seychelles goalkeeper.

He explained that if elected, his main target is to continue in the same line of work chosen by the former chairman and boost unity in local football. However, he said, new elements will be brought in to ensure development.

Financial help to all teams is also an area which Mr Henriette has promised to emphasise. He explained that under his leadership, the SFF will increase the support it gives to the teams to ensure national competitions run smoothly. This, he said, will include transport allowance for teams going to play on La Digue and Praslin and vice versa. It will also include equipment.

Ongoing projects such as futsal, beach football and football in school which have been static in the past will be given a boost.

Re-establishing women’s football on the local scene is also on Mr Henriette’s agenda. He explained that the SFF will consult all those involved to find a solution for the downfall of the sport on the women’s side.

As for the national team, Mr Henriette said it will remain active throughout the season, not only prior to international competitions as it is the case now.

A strong and efficient youth development programme, as well as solid education programme for coaches, medical officers and officials will also be in place to ensure proper development of the sport.

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