Number of undelivered mails a concern to postal services


At present this amount to 10% and will increase with the opening of more housing estates, according to the SPS.

Noting that the postman will normally know the head of a household, a spokesperson for the SPS said letters to any other member of the household should be addressed as c/o the head of the household to make it easier for the postman to deliver.

Change of location of the addressee should be made known to the nearest post office.

Household with dogs are encouraged to place a letter box at a location accessible to the postmen and members of the public are encouraged to include a return address when posting letters or parcels in case of non-delivery.

The SPS has said it will soon provide a database on its website of the names and addresses of letters not delivered on a monthly basis.

One of the solutions for the future is to have the postal code system or house number system.  This would have to be a national exercise and the system chosen is used by all organisations and the public at large.

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