Cuba visit fruitful, says Vice-President


During his visit, he held talks with high government officials on issues of cooperation in various fields including health and education.

The strong existing cooperation between Seychelles and Cuba was highlighted when he met the First Vice-President, Dr Jose Ventura, who assured him of the readiness of the Cuban government to continue assisting Seychelles in the above mentioned fields as well as identify new avenues for cooperation.

Other matters discussed included the Seychelles macro-economic reform programme, the global crisis, climate change and the negative impact of piracy on economic stability and sustainable progress of small island states like Seychelles.

The vice-president also had discussions with the deputy Minister for Health, Dr Marcia Cobas, in which the transformation in the Cuban health programme in order to have more efficiency and sustainability was outlined. 

The necessity to decrease spending and enhance science export were the country’s main priorities.

In the domain of cooperation with our heath sector, a new agreement was signed jointly by Mr Faure and Dr Cobas.  The agreement covered medical training and expert/specialist assistance.

When he visited the Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CEGB), the vice-president followed up on previous discussions related to the importation of pharmaceutical products, in particular Herberprot, a medicine to treat diabetic patients and a proposal to set up a CEGB branch in the Seychelles offshore sector, for the sale and distribution of such products to countries in the region.

During his visit, Mr Faure also had the opportunity to meet Seychellois students, 23 in all, studying in various fields and at different levels.  They discussed their studies and related issues.  They were particular interested in current developments in Seychelles.  The vice-president gave a brief update on the economic reform programme and its impact on the country’s development.

In terms of boosting bilateral cooperation between the two countries, the vice-president stated: “The Cuban government is looking forward to the opening of a Seychelles Mission in Cuba.”

He said that after discussing the project with the relevant authorities. 
“We welcome such an initiative as it will surely further strengthen the existing bonds between our two island nations,” he added.

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