New agreement to boost quality physical education


Ministers Mondon and Meriton exchanging documents after signing the document

The PESS, which forms part of the ongoing revision in the local sports structure, will ensure that necessary structures are put in place to properly carry out and monitor the delivery of the national school sport programme.

It will be jointly carried out by the ministries responsible for sports and education respectively.

The agreement was signed yesterday by the Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Vincent Meriton and the Minister for Education, Employment and Human Resources Macsuzy Mondon.

The signing ceremony, which took place at the education department meeting room, was attended by principal secretary for youth and sports Denis Rose, education principal secretary Merida Delcy, National Sports Council (NSC) chief executive Alain Volcère, Seychelles Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association president Antonio Gopal, representatives from the physical education and co-curriculum support section, among other guests.

Addressing those present, Mr Meriton said the programme is a new step for local sports and it will allow the two ministries, along with other partners, to properly combine their resources towards a common cause. This, he said, will help to detect new talents and guarantee good performance at all levels. He added that the programme is also in line with the review in the ongoing national sports policy.

Mrs Mondon said the signing will boost the ongoing effort to harmonise physical education and sports at school level.

She added that the whole agreement is in line with educational principles as well as the curriculum framework of physical education in schools. She also urged the partners to work together to bring more value to physical education in schools and to continue following potential athletes once they leave school.

Speaking about the PESS, youth and sports principal secretary Rose said it will help prepare future athletes with the required level needed to take part in national championships at a very early stage. He explained that after discussions between the two parties involved, a programme focusing on national needs will be presented to physical education instructors to work on at school level.

This, he said, will ease the integration of the young athletes in national competitions after they leave school. He also said special training will be organised for physical education teachers to help them better apply the programme.

To carry out the agreement as well as the PESS strategy, a coordinating committee comprising representatives from the said ministries, the NSC, Socga, local sports federations and associations and other representatives from parties with vested interests, will be appointed by the sports minister.

Its main tasks will include setting up the school sports structures, national competitive school sports programmes and the annual planning for school sports programmes.

It will also prepare and present periodical and annual reports to the ministers concerned, as well as advise them on strategies and policy issues.

It shall also monitor, evaluate and report on the delivery of all PESS strategy, programmes and activities to maximise returns on investment.

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