Business community urged to rally behind 2012 carnival


“Seychelles depends on tourism which is today the pillar of its economy. It is therefore important for everyone to rally to make such events as the island’s carnival the success it deserves to be because every business entrepreneur benefits when the Seychelles economy is booming.

“This is more than just a matter of social responsibility, it is a more a matter of putting your money where your mouth is.”
The appeal was made by the chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) Alain St Ange after receiving donations from the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) and the Seychelles International Business Authority (Siba).
The SCAA has donated R50,000 and Siba R20,000.

The SCAA cheque was handed over to Mr St Ange by the company’s chief executive Gilbert Faure in the presence of the latter’s PR and administration management team and the deputy chief executive of the STB Elsia Grandcourt.

Mr St Ange accepting the cheque from Mr Faure - SCAA

“The Civil Aviation Authority would be severely hampered, as would everyone dependent of the tourism industry, if the tourism board does not succeed in its marketing mission for the islands,” Mr Faure said.

Accepting the cheque at the Le Rendez Vous restaurant in Victoria, Mr St Ange said that the SCAA’s annual contribution to the carnival is an indication of the company’s commitment to rally behind the tourism industry, which he said cannot stand on its own without the support of the civil aviation authority.

Thanking Mr Faure and the SCAA for their support, Mr St Ange said that the Carnaval International de Victoria belonged to the Seychellois and to Seychelles. 

“Everyone benefits from a successful carnival because it will help to continue to position Seychelles as a tourism destination. This is why the support from everyone is so needed,” Mr St Ange said.

Siba’s R20,000 cheque was presented to Mr St Ange by the company’s business development and marketing officer, Melissa Adam, in a separate ceremony at the STB headquarters at Bel Ombre.

Mr St Ange accepting the cheque from Siba’s Ms Adam

Accepting this cheque in the presence of Ms Grandcourt, Mr St Ange thanked Ms Adam for the continuous commitment which Siba shows towards the financing of the carnival and said that “alone the STB would not be able to organise this event without the collective efforts of all local partners”.

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