Fire fighters get certificates after specialised courses


The certificate recipients in a souvenir photograph with CFO Morel and other high ranking officers

Three officers received training in combating bush fires in Brazil last year. It was run by the Brazilian institute of environment and the national system for prevention and combating forest fires.

Eight other officers attended a course on how to be effective and to efficiently handle and manage hazardous material incidents. The course was run by the emergency training solutions centre based in South Africa.

Others attended local courses in report writing. This course is necessary to improve the report writing skills of the fire officers.

Chief Fire Officer Andre Morel commended the officers who had showed commitment, good comradeship and other remarkable qualities during training abroad and in Seychelles.

He said the feedback from the various courses has been very good and he urged the officers to put what they have learned into practice and also to share their knowledge with others.

Mr Morel noted that with fire incidents on the increase, training is the number one priority of the service.
He said training and learning should be constant to achieve a high degree of professionalism.

His deputy Albert Rose joined him in the presentation of certificates, while assistant section leader William Constant said the training had been a great challenge, necessitating a lot of concentration and team spirit.

Noting that learning is a lifetime process, he urged his comrades to continue giving their best to the fire services in the interest of the nation.

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