Hong Kong commercial daily interviews STB’s chief executive


Messrs St Ange and Tak Foon

Mr St Ange was in Hong Kong and Macau this week as the head of an important Seychelles tourism/private sector delegation on a mission to help open Seychelles to China, Hong Kong and Macau.

On the private sector team were Stephen Kwong of Air Seychelles, Lindy Cadeau of 7 Degrees South, Guillaume Albert of Creole Travel Services, Sun Weiwei of Mason’s Travel, Dereck Savy of Elite Club Limited, Freddy Karkaria of Select Seychelles, Carol Tsang of Constance Hotels Experience, Peter Pomeroy of La Résèrve Hotel, Robert Payet of Le Duc de Praslin Hotel, Ahmed Kamal of Le Méridien Hotels Seychelles, and Amanda Lang of Desroches Island Resort.

Dennis Chung Tak Foon from the Hong Kong commercial daily knows Seychelles well as he visited the islands a couple of years ago as part of a delegation led by Philippe le Gall, the Seychelles Ambassador to China.

Mr Tak Foon questioned the STB chief executive on the projected developments in the tourism industry, on air access and on the possibility of investment in Seychelles by Chinese entrepreneurs. 

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