Costa cruise ship catches fire off Alphonse island


The Seychelles Coast Guard confirmed the incident, but said they were not in a position to give details.

According to Agence France Presse (AFP), there were 1,000 people on board the ship when it caught fire.

AFP added that the Italian Coast Guard said in a statement it contacted local authorities in Seychelles, adding that the accident happened near Alphonse island.

Cargo ships in the area were also alerted to come to the rescue.
The Italian Coast Guard added that all passengers and crew on the Costa Allegra were “in good health and were informed promptly of the situation.”

The fire broke out near the ship’s generators and had been put out by the time the paper went to bed.

“The Costa Allegra’s engines are out but its communications are working,” said the Italian Coast Guard statement.

The incident follows last month's grounding of the Costa Concordia, which struck a rock off the western coast of Italy.

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