Up Close … with Anthony Chow AKA DJ Antonius-‘Music has always been a part of my life’


Anthony Chow, born April 7, 1987, said his chosen passion in the field of House music DJ Antonius strutting his stuff at last year’s Subios/Regatta eventliterally saved his life.

“I was going through a really tough period at one point and had become quite emotionally unbalanced. That’s when I discovered House music. In my opinion House brings out love and spiritual emotion in people and I think that’s what touched me and eventually changed me.

“If I didn’t have music I think I would have been lost by now. You see, it has always been a part of my life and I intend to keep it that way,” he smiled.

Childhood and education
As a youngster Anthony was just as outgoing and upbeat as he is now.

“I was a good kid though. Never got in trouble and had lots of friends. I remember when we used to live on Lodge Street near the school and I would constantly be hanging out with a multitude of friends,” he said.

“I was – and still am – very energetic and outgoing. I’ve always loved sports, playing football, swimming and athletics – I was on the national team in fact – and I’ve also been a member of the Kyokushin Karate club.”

Anthony’s primary years were spent at La Rosière school after which he joined Belonie school to finish his secondary education.

“After that I joined ITC – now SIT – where I studied motor vehicle engineering. I wanted to become a plane engineer at one point,” he laughed.

“I came out top of my class that year.”

I love my Life!
“I have to say this ... I love my life,” said Anthony with a cheeky smile. “I’m working and happy – how many people can say they adore their jobs? Basically my job description begs me to connect with large crowds and spread love around,” he laughed.
Makes us all want to jump over a bridge doesn’t it?

“I won’t lie to you. A lot of people think if you can work a computer you can become a DJ. It’s discouraging but simply not the case,” he said.

“It took me years of dedication and trying to perfect my skills to get to where I am now and I’m still not where I would like to be.

“There are basically four levels of DJs – the novice (or what we also call a bedroom DJ) – they pretty much play anything and everything. The party DJ (you need a pretty vast collection of songs), Radio DJ which speaks for itself and finally a professional club DJ, at which level a DJ has already decided on his or her style of music to expertise in.”

However, despite a lot of dedication and hard work that some DJs invest into their work, Anthony said he is still disappointed with how hard it is for many of them to get properly paid here.

Alter egos and future plans
“I’m really different at home compared to when I’m deejaying,” said Anthony.
“Like now, talking to you I feel more like Anthony,” he said laughing.
“As opposed to whom?” I asked.

“DJ Antonius. Anthony is more relaxed whereas Antonius is a bit of a crazy person – they meet in a balanced place though,” he laughed.

“My life is pretty hectic,” he continued. “So kids are definitely off the agenda for now and it really is not easy trying to form and maintain relationships either. Unless the person is in the industry she won’t really be able to catch up with me, you know. For me it’s usually meet someone, date for a brief time and then it’s over ... not by choice of course, it just happens that way at times.”

Entertaining during a Christmas party at the Katiolo NightclubAnthony said in five years’ time he should be fully established internationally.
“It’s definitely what I aspire to. I want to be up there with the Big Boys and I’m getting there slowly. “Right now you could say I’m internationally known, nationally recognised and locally accepted,” he laughed.

Luxury and travelling
Anthony said the international music scene is very financially rewarding.
“I won’t lie – international professional DJs get paid a lot of money,” he said. “Just look at David Guetta who is earning $80,000 for just one gig!”

Anthony said he travels a lot.
“I love travelling and I do it all the time,” he said. “I get bookings quite often and travel to places like Ghana and West Africa, Dubai and Mauritius and very soon I’ll be including a tour of Europe to my travels. Seriously,” he added at my expression.

“I’ll be going with a fellow DJ and after that we’re going to Ibiza! Yeh, that’s the place to be,” he laughed.
In fact, Anthony left for Ibiza two days after our interview.
“I’ve recently been recruited by a DJ booking agency called Aravanza and just recently I stayed up late waiting to hear one of my mixed tapes which played at 3am on Ibiza Dance Time (a radio station).

On being a DJ and upcoming projects
“It’s fun...but it’s tough, no kidding. There is a lot of responsibility in trying to keep the crowd alive and kicking and you need a lot of guts to be up there. It’s not an easy job reading people’s moods,” he said.
“I would advise anyone venturing in that direction to have a target. Know what you want to achieve and expect a number of sacrifices in terms of the job taking over your life,” he laughed. “And you got to be ok with that. Other things you will need are good timing and a good ear for music. Find your calling and your own style and you’re set.”

“My all time inspiration would have to be Eric Morillo who is part Colombian and part American and one of the highest paid DJs in the world.”

I looked at him blankly.
“You know the soundtrack to Madagascar, ‘I like to move it’?...yes, that’s his music.”
I was impressed.
Aside from that, I would just like to announce that my new CD Dream Session ¬– which also happens to be my brand name – is out and can only be bought at Ray’s music room,” he said laughing.

Anthony has been around the block and then some!
He’s played and promoted music in places such as Tequila Boom (2009), Wakiki Nightclub (oldest club in Ghana 2010),Tantra Nightclub (2010), Bella Roma (Italian Lounge & Restaurant) 2010, Rhapsody's (South African Franchise 2010), Vienna City (Austrian franchise) 2010, Achimota Golf Club (2010), Kahuna Nightclub(Ghana - 2010) plus The Underwater festival SUBIOS in 2010 on Beau Vallon Beach (Seychelles).

He was also approached by WorldTopDjs Agency and personally invited by the director, Nadeem Y. Chaudhary, to judge the 10th Middle East DJ challenge which took place in April last year. This found him alongside professionals such as DJ Drager (No.1 Electro DJ in the USA), DJ Teekay (No.2 DJ in Germany) & spinning with the DJ Juicy M (the No.1 Female DJ in Ukraine).

Recently DJ Antonius won an award for his Johnny Walker Keep Walking Party mix recorded live at Tequila Boom.
Quite a number of achievements for the young Seychellois.
Before he left, Anthony told me he eventually wants to open his own club.
“It’s a big dream but it’s definitely in the pipeline.”

By Rebecca Chang-Tave


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