Carnaval International de Victoria-SPTC makes changes to bus schedule


The SPTC has said its service will run normally today although public sector employees are allowed to leave work at 12 noon. It adds that depending on the load, it will put additional buses on the road.

Also today, buses will leave all districts as from 3pm to bring people to the Victoria bus terminal so that they can attendd the official launch of the carnival at 6.30pm in Victoria.
 After the ceremony, buses will leave the Victoria bus terminal at half past midnight to bring people back to their districts

As many people are expected to come to Victoria to follow Saturday’s parade of floats, the local bus company has said it will have additional buses on the road. All buses will leave the districts at 11.30am to the Victoria bus terminal, depending on load. All buses from south and north Mahé should reach the terminal by 12.30pm.

The last scheduled buses for south Mahe will leave the terminal at 12.30pm. The same applies for buses going to districts in north Mahe and travelling via St Louis. 

Because the road leading to Victoria from Plaisance will close by phases as the carnival floats head to town on Saturday, buses from south Mahe will drop off and pick up passengers at the Mont Fleuri secondary school campus as from 1pm. But they will operate as per the normal Saturday schedule. The same applies for routes like Forêt Noire, Belvedere and Copolia.

As from 1pm there will be no Glacis via Beau Vallon bus leaving the Victoria bus terminal. There will be a 30-minute interval shuttle service to and from Bel Ombre. Passengers leaving town and heading there will board the bus and disembark at the ‘Vines’ bus stop. The service will depend on demand.  The same procedure applies for buses going to Le Niol. 

Buses travelling to Glacis via Anse Etoile will make a U-turn at Bel Ombre and return to the Victoria terminal via Glacis.

Buses going to Curio, Sans Soucis and Port Launay via Sans Soucis will depart from the Bel Air bus stop near the old cemetery as per their normal schedule.

Buses leaving the Victoria terminal for Roche Bois and Mont Buxton will use the Union Vale road and will use this same route to return to town.

Bus services to Majoie, North East Point, Sea View, Perseverance, Maldives will not be affected.

After the carnival all buses will leave the Victoria terminal at half past midnight 30 to all districts, depending on the load.

On Sunday March 4, additional SPTC buses will leave the districts for the Victoria bus terminal as from 10am depending on load. The last buses will leave the Victoria terminal at 7pm to bring people back to their respective districts.

Meanwhile, commuters will have to pay the normal night service rate of R8 after 8pm.

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