President congratulates Seychellois on promotion to top IFAD post


Périn St Ange

“The Government and people of Seychelles join me in extending to you our warmest congratulations on this well-deserved promotion. Your appointment to this high office is testimony to your integrity and a well-deserved recognition of your commitment to the noble ideals of the United Nations Organisation – to the Food and Agriculture Organisation, in particular – and to your contribution to enabling poor rural people to overcome poverty. We are immensely proud of your achievement, a singular honour which we, your compatriots, all share whole-heartedly,” said the President.

The President wished Mr St Ange success in his new post as well as assuring him full support from the Government of Seychelles.

Mr St Ange is a Seychellois agricultural development economist who occupied the post of principal secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture before joining the United Nations system in 1991. He has had more than 20 years of high-level international professional engagement as a senior staff member with FAO and IFAD.

During his work at IFAD, Mr St Ange was the country programme manager, senior loans and grants officer and portfolio advisor for West and Central Africa.

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