Exhibition promotes locally made crafts


Guests admiring some of the works on display at the opening ceremony

Dubbed ‘Message Stick’, the exhibition has been organised by the Australian High Commission, in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development and Culture.

“The theme of the exhibition is urban, the style is modern, but the collection nonetheless demonstrates an ongoing and very special relationship between indigenous Australians and the land all Australians call home,” says a press release from the Australian High Commission.

“I could not be happier Message Stick is coming to the Seychelles for the Carnival.  This is the first time Australia will take part in the Carnival.  This is the first time we will exhibit such a large collection of indigenous Australian paintings in the Seychelles,” says Australian high commissioner to Seychelles Sandra Vegting.

“That Message Stick is coming to the Seychelles is also testament to the strength of the relations between our two countries.  Few countries in the world will host the exhibition.  I hope many Seychellois and others here for the Carnival will make the most of what is a unique opportunity,” she adds.

The exhibition will be officially opened by Ms Vegting tomorrow at 5.30pm at La Bastille.

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