Public servants move to private sector


They are the principal secretary for finance and trade, Ahmed Afif, and the principal secretary for community development, Olsen Vidot.


Ahmed Afif

Mr Afif has 24 years’ service in the public sector and during which he served in an advisory post in the Central Bank of Seychelles, as principal secretary for economic planning, and later as chief executive officer of the Seychelles International Business Authority.  He has held the post of principal secretary for finance and trade since 2007.

Olsen Vidot

Mr Vidot has 35 years of experience in the public services, having held various positions involving youth and community development.  He has held the post of principal secretary for community development since 2004.

President James Michel has thanked  Messrs Afif and Vidot for their dedication and hard work in their service to the government, and wished them well in their new careers. 

He said he is sure that they will continue, even in the private sector, to contribute actively to national development.

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