SNYC launches young entrepreneurs training


Mrs van der Westhuizen addressing the youths at the launch of the workshop on Monday

The course at the Youth Centre, English River, was officially launched on Monday by the chief executive of the Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC), Vicky van der Westhuizen, in the presence of the Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Vincent Meriton.

She noted that work is an important part of man’s existence and that this year’s national theme urges us to “work hard for Seychelles”.

It is the first time that such a high number of youths take part in such a programme aimed at enabling them to develop their enterprising spirit, go into business and how to draft their business plan.

Mrs Van der Westhuizen said that the training plan put together by the Confejes (Conférence des ministres de la jeunesse et des sports des états et gouvernements ayant le français en partage) does not only give out financial help.

The course is being run by Miera Savy, the director for international cooperation within the department of culture.

Among the subjects covered on Monday were ‘how to become an entrepreneur?’, ‘how to develop an enterprising concept’, among others.

On a ‘plan for work’, those taking part claim this should be done at one’s own pace, but should be beyond normal working hours.

On the ‘working environment’, the delegates believe it is often influenced by the family and that youthful entrepreneurs are encouraged to harness their knowledge for lucrative gain.

On a more personal level, the young men and women feel that the key motivating factor is “challenge”.
Ms Savy agreed that most successful entrepreneurs are those who have set themselves difficult goals.

The youths are also set to discuss other related topics, such as consumer service, suppliers, capital, taxes and project planning.

Since its launch in Seychelles in 2009, the Programme de Promotion de l’Entrepreneuriat des Jeunes (PPEJ) has helped 14 youths aged below 30 to go into business by giving them subventions for their small enterprises.

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