President announces first phase of government restructuring-More women in key positions


President James Michel
Minister for Defence, Legal Affairs, Information, Youth, and hydrocarbons


A second phase of appointments will be made at a later stage.
All appointments take effect on March 14, 2012.

With the restructuring, Seychelles now has three women ministers, one female Central Bank governor, one female vice-chancellor, one female pro-vice-chancellor, three new women chief executives, while seven out of the 15 principal secretaries are women.

“It is fitting that on the eve of International Women’s Day, I am appointing women to key positions within government as well as the University of Seychelles. Women form part of an integral leadership role in the New Seychelles.  I am confident they will serve the public well and add new dynamism in the public service. We are aiming to fulfill the MDG Plus targets, and become an example of women’s professional development in the world,” said the President.

As announced in the state-of-the-nation address last week, the President’s portfolio include Defence, Legal Affairs, Information, Youth, and hydrocarbons, and the Vice-President’s portfolio comprise Information Technology & Communications and Public Administration.

Together with the President and the Vice-President, the following ministers will form the Cabinet, subject to the approval of the National Assembly in the case of new ministers;

Vice-President Danny Faure
Minister for Information Technology & Communications and Public Administration


• Vincent Meriton (Ministry of Community Development, Social Affairs & Sports and Designated Minister)

 • Joël Morgan (Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport)

 • Macsuzy Mondon (Ministry of Education)

 • Jean-Paul Adam (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

 • Peter Sinon (Ministry of Natural Resources & Industry)

 • Pierre Laporte (Ministry of Finance, Trade & Investment)


 • Rolph Payet (Ministry of Environment & Energy)

 • Alain St Ange (Ministry of Tourism & Culture)

 • Christian Lionnet (Ministry of Land Use & Habitat)

 • Mitcy Larue (Ministry of Health)

 • Idith Alexander (Ministry of Employment and
Human Resource Development)

The President will propose 3 new ambassadors to the National Assembly:
 • Marie Louise Potter
 • Bernard Shamlaye
 • Erna Athanasius

The President has thanked former ministers Bernard Shamlaye and Erna Athanasius for their hard work in the public service, saying that he believes they will continue to contribute towards the development of the country in their new roles.
The President has appointed Marie-Antoinette Rose as the new Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly, after the departure of Marie-Louise Potter from this post.

Ambassador Ronny Jumeau has also been named the Ambassador for Climate change issues.

The new principal secretaries are as follows:

 • Wills Agricole (principal secretary (PS) for Environment and Energy)
 • Steve Fanny (PS for Finance, Trade & Investment)
 • Veronique Laporte (PS for Health). The former PS, Bernard Valentin, is moving to independent consultancy services.
 • Terrence Mondon (PS for Transport)
 • Veronique Bresson (PS for Employment & Human Resource Development)
 • Michel Nalletamby (PS for Natural Resources & Industry). Although the person remains unchanged, the portfolio of industry has been added.
 • Denis Rose (PS for Community Development & Sports). Although the person remains unchanged, the portfolio of Community Development has been added, and Youth removed.
 • Yves Choppy (acting PS for Land Use and Habitat). The position is temporary until the necessary law to enact the creation of the Project Planning and Implementation Company, of which he will be chief executive. The PPIC will also absorb the Seychelles Land Transport Agency.
 • Benjamine Rose (PS for Culture).
The new special advisers are:
  • Didier Dogley (special adviser to the Minister of Environment and Energy)
 • Selby Dora (special advisor to the Minister for Education)
Antoine-Marie Moustache (special adviser to the Minister for Natural Resources and Industry)
 • Jeannette D’Offay (special adviser to the Minister for Foreign Affairs)
 • Raymonde Onezime (special adviser for Culture to the Minister for Tourism and Culture)
 • Dan Frichot (special adviser on Community Development to the Minister for Community Development, Social Affairs and Sports)
 • Marie-Josée Bonne (special advisor on Social Affairs to the Minister for Community Development, Social Affairs & Sports)
The President, who is also the chancellor of the University of Seychelles, has also announced that the Seychelles Institute of Management will be absorbed by the University of Seychelles.  The President has appointed Marina Confait as the new vice-chancellor and Lucy Athanasius as pro-vice-chancellor of the University of Seychelles.

President Michel has also plans to create PetroSeychelles as the new national hydrocarbons exploration company, which will be headed by Eddie Belle as its chief executive. The board of the new company will be chaired by Barry Faure, secretary of state in the Office of the President.

The Seychelles Petroleum Company (Sepec) will be headed by chief executive Conrad Benoiton, and the board will be chaired by Steve Fanny, the new principal secretary for Finance.

The following are further new appointments across a wide number of agencies and organisations:
 • Caroline Abel (Governor of the Central Bank of Seychelles)
 • Shirley Choppy (chief executive of the Early childhood Centre)
 • Elsia Grandcourt (chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board)
 • Geffy Zialor (chief executive of the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation)
 • Wendy Pierre (chief executive of the Seychelles International Business Authority)
 • Marc Naiken (chief executive of the Seychelles Agricultural Agency)
 • Jimmy Savy (chief executive of the National Arts Council)
 • Jacqueline Moustache Belle (Mayor of Victoria). The mayor’s office will fall under the vice-president’s portfolio.

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