International Women’s Day -11 women inducted into hall of fame


Minister Shamlaye addressing guests at the event yesterday

Induction into the hall of fame is in itself honouring Seychellois women for their contributions in society.

Organised to mark the International Women’s Day celebrated yesterday under the theme ‘Connecting girls, inspiring futures’, the event was officially launched by the Social Development and Culture Minister Bernard Shamlaye.

Present at the ceremony were Ambassador Marie-Pierre Lloyd, who is also the chairperson of the Seychelles Women’s Day Association, ministers, high government officials, members of the diplomatic corps and students.

The 11 women inducted into the hall of fame are Josephine Cafrine, Rodolphine Young, Jeannie Florianne Elsie Green, Flavie Jackson, Marie-Thérèse Désaubin, Gabrielle Valérienne Green, Kathleen Fonseka, Sonia Grandcourt, Marthe Manes, Ramona Brigillia and Hazel de Silva.

They join Rita Sinon, Dr Hilda Stevenson-Delhomme, Martha René, Danielle de St Jorre, Gertrude Vel and Mère Angèle Morel who were honoured last year.

Photos of the inductees can be viewed in an exhibition at the National Cultural Centre.
Mr Shamlaye said the celebration recognises the long struggle for women’s emancipation and the progress made as well as the continuing efforts to eradicate all forms of discrimination against women wherever they exist and all remaining situations where women are victims just because they are women.

“Our celebration of Women’s Day this year is also the occasion for the launch of the hall of fame to honour women who have made a meaningful contribution to society and deserve to be recognised and known, now and in the future,” said Minister Shamlaye.

He thanked the committee, the group of women led by Ambassador Lloyd, who have been working on the hall of fame initiative since last year, and said he is certain they will continue this important work of recognition and inspiration.

Guests viewing the exhibition

He added that girls should value themselves and inspire to become exemplary adults when they grow up.
Mr Shamlaye also suggested that the role of men as well as boys are vital in society and they should also be recognised.

He said on November 19 Seychelles should join other countries which are already celebrating the International Men’s Day and use it to celebrate roles of men and boys in Seychelles.

Mr Shamlaye also wished all girls and women in Seychelles a happy women’s day.
Mrs Lloyd said the women who feature in the hall of fame are being honoured for their positive impact on our society.
She said they have to be rememebered and their remarkable achievements will also be recorded in our history.

Mrs Lloyd added that the hall of fame is a project designed to become an heritage for future generations.

“We wanted a project to show achievements of our Seychellois women and share their stories with others,” she said.

“These women are from all walks of life, with a diversity of academic and social experience. What they have in common are their action as leaders, their intelligence, compassion, creativity, spirituality and love.”

She said with this exhibition we hope to educate the society on the women who have helped transform our history and inspired young women as well as men.

Mrs Lloyd said they wish the hall of fame gets a website where its vision, mission and objectives will be outlined.

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