Seychelles Sustainable Development Strategy 2011-2020-‘We all have to own this vital document’


Guests and delegates in a souvenir photograph

He was speaking in a ceremony at Le Meridien Barbarons Hotel to launch the Seychelles Sustainable Development Strategy 2011-2020 in the presence of Vice-President Danny Faure and Designated Minister Vincent Meriton.

Also there were the Environment principal secretary Didier Dogley, other high government officials and members of the diplomatic corps.

Environment staff and representatives of some non-governmental organisations were also present.
The new sustainable development strategy is considered to be a much more comprehensive and overarching strategy providing a clear roadmap towards a Seychelles where environmental integrity, social equity and economic growth are in tune with each other. This document replaces the Environmental Management Plan of Seychelles.

Mr Morgan said the strategy highlights a new beginning, one that will see a future of sustained economic growth that is in tune with nature.

“It seeks to strengthen and consolidate the achievements of the two previous Environment Management Plans which have paved the way for this document that has been prepared uniquely by a team of Seychellois.”

He added that while the strategy provides for a robust and comprehensive road map for achieving sustainable growth in a wide range of sectors, it also highlights the measures required for us to maintain the balance between ecology and development.

Mr Morgan thanked all those who have contributed in one way or another in making this important document a reality.

“Without the financial support from the Indian Ocean Commission, the ReCoMaP programme, the United Nations Development Programme’s Global Environment Facility and the contributions made by the Government of Seychelles, we would not have such a comprehensive strategic document.”

Mr Dogley said the document is for everyone and “we are trying to get the message out to different sectors starting from tourism, health and human development as well as the environment”.

He said it is very broad and needs the cooperation of everybody
“We need to encourage everybody to buy in and own the document for them to be able to contribute positively and effectively towards carrying it out,” Mr Dogley said.

“It is composed of two documents, the first containing the overall strategy, sustainable outlook, financial mobilisation and the institutional framework.

 “The second volume contains all the thematic programmes with their sector policies, strategic objectives, indicators, timelines and budget.”

He said the document’s vision is to realise a knowledge-led and innovation-driven approach to sustainable development that balances the quality of life with the need to conserve the integrity and potential of the Seychelles natural environment for all generations.

He added that through the strategy the government will establish a council to be led by the Environment Minister along with his other colleague ministers and other high level government officials, plus the private sector and the non-governmental organisations.

“There will be about 13 different representatives on the council and they will gear the policy guidance implementation of the strategy and below that council there will be a steering committee.”

He said the role of this steering committee will be to help the council make the right decision and provide guidance on specific technical issues.

Mr Dogley said the whole set up will then be supported by a secretariat within the Environment Department.

During the ceremony copies of the strategy were also presented to key stakeholders such as the Seychelles National Assembly, Doyen de L’Ambassade and Liaison Unit of Non-Governmental Organisation of Seychelles.

There was also a power point presentation on the new strategy followed by a song on climate change by La Rosière School.

A group of young and talented Seychellois artists also performed their Rio+20 song entitled ‘Respect for life’.

This song was composed during a workshop organised recently by the Environment Department and the Jj Spirit Foundation. It grouped together past winners of the ‘Seychelles Has Got Talent’ competition.

The song will join in the Global Rio+20 Young Music Award and the audience at the launching of the strategy was the first to hear it.

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