Weightlifting: Open Championships-Two new records for Janet Georges


Janet Georges

Georges set the new records at last Saturday’s Open Championship competition organised and sponsored by the Seychelles Weightlifting Association (SWA) and hosted by the Les Mamelles community centre.

She bettered her old records of 90kg in snatch and 111kg in clean & jerk set in 2011 in the same competition.

The competition, which gathered eight – three female and five male – lifters, served as preparations for the athletes who will be taking part in the African Weightlifting Championship billed for March 28 – April 2 in Nairobi, Kenya. The competition will also be used as qualifier for the Olympic Games, slated for July in London this year.

In the absence of Young Female Athlete of the Year Rena Agricole and Katsia Télémaque, Georges -- who competed in the +75kg -- was the main attraction of the day.

In snatch, she easily lifted 82kg and 87kg in her first two attempts, before she successfully raised 91kg in her third attempt for a new national record. Her only opponent, young Jelissa Julie – who celebrated her 17th birthday on that day – failed all her three attempts at 55kg.

In the clean & jerk, Georges lifted 112kg on her third attempt for a new record, after successfully heaving the bar at 102kg and 107kg on her first and second attempts respectively.

Julie on the other hand settled for an Olympic total of 70kg after successfully lifting the same load on her third attempt. She lifted the bar at 65kg on her first attempt.

“I took the competition as a challenge and preparation for the coming African Weightlifting Championship,” Georges told Sports Nation.

Record lady Georges said she has been training intensively since December and she will be all out to do her best at the competition.

She however added that she was a bit disappointed with the lack of female lifters at Saturday’s competition.
The other female lifter at the competition, Ruby Malvina, concluded the 58kg category with an Olympic total of 160kg after lifting 70kg in snatch and 95kg in clean & jerk.

In the men’s competition, young Rick Confiance -- who competes in the 62kg category -- settled for an Olympic total of 180kg, after lifting 80kg in snatch and 100kg in clean & jerk. Confiance achieved both results on his third attempts.

In the 69kg category, Ian Rose snatched 103kg before lifting 130kg in the clean & jerk for an Olympic total of 233kg. Rose failed his third clean and jerk attempt of 135kg.

Cadet lifter Dereck Come, who competes in the 77kg category, received the best improved lifter award, after accumulating a 175kg Olympic total. Come lifted 75kg in snatch and 100kg in clean & jerk.

The 85kg category was contested by Young Male Athlete of the Year Cyrous Farabeau and more experienced Terence Dixie.
As expected, Dixie dominated the category after lifting the bar at 122kg in snatch and 140kg in clean & jerk for a 262kg Olympic total.

Farabeau finished second with an Olympic total of 205kg, after lifting 90kg in snatch and 115kg in clean & jerk, both on his second attempts.

The SWA chairman Robert Rose described the competition as successful, despite the lack of lifters. He explained that this was mainly due to work constraint.

Mr Rose said despite their absence at Saturday’s competition, the athletes are preparing seriously for the coming African Weightlifting Championship.

He added that the SWA is also working on a new strategy to target cadet lifters and prepare them for future competition and Games. This, he said, will boost their confidence and help them to perform better when the time comes.

The following are the complete results of the Open Championships:

Ruby Malvina 58kg (160 in total, 70kg snatch and 90kg clean & jerk)
Janet Georges +75kg (203 in total, 91kg snatch and 112kg clean & jerk)
Jelissa Julie +75kg (70 in total, failed all three snatch attempts and 70kg clean & jerk)
Rick Confiance (180 in total, 80kg snatch and 100kg clean & jerk)
Ian Rose (233 in total, 103kg snatch and 130kg clean & jerk)
Dereck Come (175 in total, 75kg snatch and 100kg clean & jerk)
Terrence Dixie (262 in total, 122kg snatch and 140kg clean & jerk)
Cyrous Farabeau (205 in total, 90kg snatch and 115kg clean & jerk)

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