Six new ministers get Assembly’s approval


The 31 Parti Lepep MNAs, headed by the new Leader of Government Business, Marie-Antoinette Rose, gave their unanimous support for the six new ministers.

The sole opposition MNA, David Pierre, abstained, saying he had some reservations regarding one or two of the newly appointed ministers.

The new ministers are Pierre Laporte (Finance, Commerce and Investment); Alain St Ange (Tourism and Culture); Christian Lionnet (Land Use and Housing): Rolph Payet (Environment and Energy); Mitcy Larue (Health);  and Idith Alexander (Employment and Human Resource Development).

Parti Lepep MNAs spoke of the merits of the newly appointed ministers, noting they were very qualified to fulfil the obligations and responsibilities entrusted on them by President Michel.

Most MNAs wanted to intervene on the subject. Some chose to speak about just one or two new ministers, whom they knew particularly well, saying how hard working and well-connected to the people such men or women were, but endorsed the whole team.

One member remarked that besides being a good mix of the male and female gender, it was a sound combination of youth and more experienced.

“We are sure they will make a difference,” another MNA said.

The afternoon session also saw the endorsement of three new ambassadors by the Assembly. They are ex-ministers Bernard Shamlaye and Erna Athanasius and former Leader of Government Business, Marie-Louise Potter.

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