NDEA makes two arrests, destroys drug plantation


On March 6, 2012, the NDEA seized 700 grams of high grade cannabis resin at Pointe Conan and a 33-year-old-man was arrested and taken into custody. The drugs were found in the bedroom of a house and a considerable amount of drug dealing paraphernalia was also found.

A second case of drug trafficking was detected during the late hours of the March 12 when NDEA agents carried out a search of a house at Port Launay. One hundred and eighty two (182) grams of cannabis was seized and a 52-year-old man was taken into custody and is awaiting a court appearance. A substantial amount of money, believed to be the proceeds of drug trafficking, was also seized.

In a further development a small cannabis plantation was discovered and destroyed after agents on night patrol in the forest discovered the plants growing among the trees.

Meanwhile, the NDEA has said it has been arresting on average three offenders per day as it carries the fight against drugs to every corner of the country. While most of the arrests are in respect of relatively small amounts of drugs, more and more offenders are being found with trafficking amounts which they sell either to feed their own habits or to fund a better life-style on the proceeds. 

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