President asks ministers to submit plans and reports


President Michel addressing his Cabinet yesterday, soon after the six new ministers had been sworn in

Mr Michel said this as he addressed his cabinet, which set off to work immediately after six new ministers were sworn in (see lead article on page 1) and the others assumed new portfolios.

“I am asking every minister to ensure that in the coming weeks I receive a general plan of action in respect of his or her portfolio responsibilities, clearly outlining the plans of action for the rest of 2012, and for the years beyond,” said Mr Michel, who urged the ministers to use the media to let Seychellois know what they are doing for them.

“Thereafter, I shall expect the Cabinet will receive quarterly progress reports from every ministry or department, so that all ministers will be aware of developments across the various portfolios, in order that we can all complement each other’s work in the best way possible.”

Noting the national theme this year is Striving for our Seychelles, he said in order for the leaders’ hard work to be effective, they must also remain connected to the people, listening and being sensitive to their needs and their view points.
“We have to be on the ground, in their homes, in their work places. To be effective, to convey our message, to remain connected to the people, we also need to give added visibility to the work and actions of government. To this end, I insist that ministers should make proper and adequate use of the national media regularly. They should also brief the members of the National Assembly regularly, through statements or otherwise. Ours is a transparent government. Our people have the right to know what we are doing – what we are doing for them.”

He insisted all ministers and their technical staff should regularly consult their counterparts across the portfolios, so that recommendations made in Cabinet are based on sound advice.

“They should also consult the two other arms of the state; the legislature and the judiciary,” he said, expressing satisfaction that several proposals have been made by the National Assembly in response to his state-of-the-nation address.

“These should be considered carefully by ministers and implemented where and when appropriate.”

“I shall expect all ministers to provide strong leadership in their ministries, and ensure that they set up effective structures within their departments to provide financial, administrative and technical support for their portfolios.
 Ministers and their senior staff must monitor the performance of their subordinate staff, and implement sound human resources policy to motivate their workers and to take appropriate and timely corrective action whenever necessary,” he said.

The President reminded tem, especially the new members of Cabinet, that in order for it to make well-informed decisions, it is vital they express their views freely and frankly.

“Furthermore, once a decision, based on all advice given, has been taken, it is incumbent upon all Cabinet members to publicly support the decision taken, irrespective of their personal stance on the subject.  This is what is known as collective responsibility, as stated in Article 72 of the Constitution.”

He said in all that he said, he will lead by example, “as I have pledged to the people of Seychelles who elected me.
“It is what I expect also of all members of my Cabinet.  Work hard, and work together. Remain always connected to the people, and be sensitive to their needs.  Be proactive. Be innovative. Think ahead.  Think and consult, but finally make sure that necessary action is taken.”

“Finally, let us remind ourselves that we are the servants of the people of Seychelles.  We are here to lead and implement government’s programme of action, and to ensure that we give our people the very best and most timely service possible.  That is what they expect, and deserve.  Let us make sure we deliver on our promise to our people,” he said.

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