Former PS takes over party CEO


Mr Vidot

Mr Vidot replaces Marie-Antoinette Rose, who has moved to Ile du Port to her new office of Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly.

Mr Vidot has been a central committee member of the party since 2005, and was re-elected last month. 

He is a familiar face to the secretariat as well as to the party and structure members in the districts.  He has held positions on the branch committee at Anse Boileau and was a member of the National Assembly for Anse Boileau.

Mr Vidot expressed his wish to pursue his career in the private sector, and requested his exit from government two weeks ago in view of the structuring of government.

Mr Vidot has 35 years of experience in the public service, having held various positions involving youth and community development. 

He had held the post of principal secretary for community development since 2004.

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